Friday, 25 March 2011

Start of Final outcome

So this was one monoprint that was dry enough to start drawing one of my final pieces in the story I will have. I was looking for shapes in the monoprint to lend it self to one of the images I had in mind. There seemed to be an eye shaped section in the middle of the green that was clear, so I used this as my starting point for the image.

I used pen and ink to create the line work and then worked over this with white ink, white acrylic and charcoal to get more depth and detail in the piece.

I burnt the edges of the piece, creating a circular shape to imitate that of a telescope or porthole. I also used my woodburning pyrography tool to burn holes like rusty bubbles in to the piece. I want to create a weathered rusty look with these pieces. Really pleased with how the first one turned out, now have to do 4 more!