Sunday, 20 March 2011


Trying to think up a storyline for my sea myths is difficult. There is so much I could use from my research that could be helpful to create something. I have too much information for once! At the moment, all that keeps sticking in my head is to do something on mermaids. However, I don't want to be really cliché about the project and do something obvious like mermaids.

I had a thought when I was coming home on the train last week of a storyline. A mermaid/siren seduces a sailor, but then turns into this evil deep-sea fish that drags him down to the depths. She keeps him alive under the water in the depths and slowly things start to grow on him - barnacles, starfish, seaweed, coral, jellyfish etc.

Thinking of doing 3 big drawings of this story and a flipbook to show how she changes and drags him under the water. I dont know whether this is still quite obvious or not, but this is what I have in mind at the moment, and i'm running out of time!

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