Friday, 25 March 2011

Start of Final outcome

So this was one monoprint that was dry enough to start drawing one of my final pieces in the story I will have. I was looking for shapes in the monoprint to lend it self to one of the images I had in mind. There seemed to be an eye shaped section in the middle of the green that was clear, so I used this as my starting point for the image.

I used pen and ink to create the line work and then worked over this with white ink, white acrylic and charcoal to get more depth and detail in the piece.

I burnt the edges of the piece, creating a circular shape to imitate that of a telescope or porthole. I also used my woodburning pyrography tool to burn holes like rusty bubbles in to the piece. I want to create a weathered rusty look with these pieces. Really pleased with how the first one turned out, now have to do 4 more!


Tried some Chinese collage printing. I used a zinc plate to print these textures. I also used cut out shapes from the monoprints that I have done previously. This creates a really unusal effect which is quite nice.

With this one I drew over the top of one of the prints, using a fine liner and white ink. Really nice effect, but I'm running out of time to try and experiment more with this technique to do more prints!

I drew over one of the monoprints with pen and ink. Really like the effect that it created, using the spots of colour to create shapes in the man's face. The blue on the side of his face transformed into a jellyfish and the red turned into shells. Really like the use of colour.

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Trying to think up a storyline for my sea myths is difficult. There is so much I could use from my research that could be helpful to create something. I have too much information for once! At the moment, all that keeps sticking in my head is to do something on mermaids. However, I don't want to be really cliché about the project and do something obvious like mermaids.

I had a thought when I was coming home on the train last week of a storyline. A mermaid/siren seduces a sailor, but then turns into this evil deep-sea fish that drags him down to the depths. She keeps him alive under the water in the depths and slowly things start to grow on him - barnacles, starfish, seaweed, coral, jellyfish etc.

Thinking of doing 3 big drawings of this story and a flipbook to show how she changes and drags him under the water. I dont know whether this is still quite obvious or not, but this is what I have in mind at the moment, and i'm running out of time!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Burning Bubbles

Adding more to my Amphitrite illustration - burnt bubbles. Really fun to experiment with my new Pyrography tool.

Tore the edges of the paper so when I burn the edges the fire is more contained to where Iwant it to burn. (a little tip I heard)

Found my Dad's old fishing equipment with some fish hooks! Decided to try and see if my idea of hanging the pictures up with fish hooks would work, which it does.

Really like the shadows that are created by the holes in the paper.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Amphitrite WIP

Done with pen and ink, A2 Watercolour paper. Hope to add more to it - going to experiment burning!
Click on them to see larger images.

Amphitrite WIP

"Amphitrite, female aspect of the sea, whose netted hair was dressed with crabs' claws." Took this line from a book called "The Folklore of the Sea" by Margaret Baker and illustrated her.

These are preliminary sketches I did to try and work out the shape hair that looked best and how to incorporate a net in her hair decorated with crabs' claws.

It turned out I used the very first sketch I did for the final Amphitrite.


Did some mono-printing to see if I could replicate the look of rust. Really like the ones that have several different colours, look really effective.
I found some metallic copper paint that really made the prints shine!

Really like this one below.

Philip Harris

I found an artist called Philip Harris who does these amazing drawings.
This is just one of his many intricate drawings

These are two of my drawings from Philip Harris' works.


Experimenting with burning pages. Found that Watercolour paper looks the best, and doesnt smell like some of the papers.

I bought a woodburning tool to experiment making different patterns like Adam Hall's drawings. Really like the effect made. Looks best on watercolour paper or thicker paper.

Final Major project Sketchbook

Some sketchbook work done for my final major project (FMP) - "Myths of the Sea". These drawings are from the National Maritime Museum and the Natural History Museum.