Saturday, 29 January 2011

Personal work

I really loved doing the collage and paint work with my Shakespeare project, I decided to do some personal illustration work. Really like how it's come out. I used acrylic paint, fine liner, charcoal and spray paint.

Friday, 28 January 2011


I decided to see what it would look like if I combined both posters. I multiplied the layers and erased away some areas so it was seamless. Again I used the same text as previously.

Deer and Stag

I used the Letter press title that I put on my other poster as well as some of the text at the bottom. I re-drew a lot of the text making it more hand-rendered rather than just hand-written. I feel much happier with the look of these posters.

Posters Re-visited

So I decided to revisit the collage idea, looking at Rauschenberg's posters again to re-familiarise myself with his work. I am much happier with the look of these posters. They have more energy and movement to them.

I pages from magazines and different bits of paper for a collage background and printed off the pictures of me in the masks for the foreground. I then used acrylic paint to add colour around the character.

Photo Posters

My tutors thought that the photos were stronger than my collage poster and suggested I try some things with them.
I used Photoshop to add text to the image.

I used some of the text from the collage poster I had done before. I'm not that keen on them to be honest. I think they look a bit amateurish.

I used the collage poster in the background of this one.
Not liking the look of them.

Cat Collograph

I did a collograph of the the cat mask, in the plan to print it and then use it as a ticket that doubles up as a mask for the child to wear throughout the performance. however, the prints didn't go so well either! It was not a good day for printing.

This would have been an amazing print, but the paper stuck to my collograph plate, meaning it was ruined, plus I had to scrape the paper off the collograph! There was just the right amount of ink.

This is quite a good print, still not getting a lot of detail though.

Not as good either.

I did this like a lino cut, using a roller and then using the press instead of putting it through the collograph rollers. I don't think there was enough pressure on this one!

Oh deer

I managed to get my deer lino cut printed, but the results were'nt good! Even after help they still didn't come out perfect. I'll have to try again at some point.
This was the best print that came out.

I scanned the print in and then used Photoshop to sort the print out, using the clone tool.

Monday, 24 January 2011

The Winter's Tale poster

The poster I made for the Shakespeare project.

For a poster I made this photo collage, using pictures from magazines, phrases I printed in letter press and drawings of the animal masks.


Me wearing the masks.

I made a Lino cut of this stag - King Leontes. The cut out of the hands turning into trees reminded me of antlers, so I combined them with the stag. I tried several different colours. I did a yellow version as I found out that a yellow rose symbolises jealousy.

Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale"

I made some masks for the characters. I decided to change the characters into animals that represent their personalities.







Sunday, 23 January 2011

Holiday Project - Andre Previn

I was given a project to do over the Christmas holidays which required me to thoroughly research a famous person given to me. I was given Andre Previn, a composer and conductor. He had conducted several of the ballets with the London Symphony Orchestra so I decided to illustrate the ballets he conducted. I made a little book out of it in the end as well.

Pop-Up Shop

I used the mechanical skull stencil from before, just covering the "RPS". This bag sold better!

I just used black spray paint for this one.

I handmade bags for the shop and then printed my stencils on them. I used black spray paint and then a layer of gold spray paint on this one.

The back of the stencil

The front of the Birdnest hair stencil I made for the "Pop-Up Shop" project.