Saturday, 22 January 2011

Reg Perfect and the Squeegees

This is the album cover for the band. Really pleased with how it turned out.

I played around with colour on this poster. quite nice result. The writing on the posters is a bit weak I feel, I will revisit these and make it more electronic.

Another poster for the band. Using the skull stencil this time.

Another one of my posters for the band.

One of the posters I made. I decided to add a 3D look to the drawings (works quite well as well!) to modernise the country and make it appear more electronic.

I made a stencil of a mechanical skull, merging the two genres - country and electro.

I did a lino cut of a robot cowboy and here is one of the prints. I used this for my album cover, changing the colouring on Photoshop.

I started to do some character development for the band. I knew I wanted a sort of glamorous female character alongside two men. I had also done some character designs for the men as well but felt the woman was the strongest so put her one some of the posters.

I did some photo-montage inspired by Thomas Couderc and Clement Vauchez.

For this project we were asked to promote a made up band called "Reg Perfect and the Squeegees". We had to decide what genre of music this band played and then advertise them. I chose to make this band a Country/Electro band, melding these two genres together to create a new, slightly wierd genre. Here are some of the processes I went through.

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